Jackson Hospital Foundation Provides New Equipment To Radiology Department

The Jackson Hospital Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization,  gifted $525,000 to Jackson Hospital for the installation of two new X-ray suites for the Radiology Department; one in December of 2017 and the other in February of 2018.

The X-Ray equipment in the two previous Radiology suites had both reached “end of life” meaning that parts were becoming very limited. If the X-Ray equipment in either suite were to fail and the parts were not available, the suites would have become non-functional.

Thanks to the Jackson Hospital Foundation for the generous gift of completing these Radiology suites with state of the art equipment to better serve our patients.

Room 1  GE Precision 500D

  • Performs X-rays and Fluoroscopy (live x-ray)procedures

Room 2 GE Optima 646

  • Performs X-ray procedures
  • Table lowers to 19″ inches off floor. Other tables are fixed at 36″. This helps accommodate patients in wheelchairs and others who have a hard time getting up on the table.
  • Table has highest weight limit at 700 lbs

We perform a little over 2,000 imaging procedures a month so these rooms are utilized heavily. To be without one of the x-ray rooms would cause some disruptions in the workflow. It was such a blessing to have such a generous donation from the Foundation. Their donation allowed us to purchase and install (2) X-ray rooms back to back. Not only did the foundation alleviate the stress of being short an x-ray room, they allowed for other hospital department needs to be met by getting these expensive rooms off the capital budget.”  Shannon Powell, Director, Imaging

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