Importance of Advanced Directives

At Jackson Hospital, we encourage all community members to do advance care planning for decisions related to end-of-life medical care in the event you should become terminally ill. Living Wills, Advance Directives, Medical Power of Attorney and other similar legal documents help caregivers and family members know in advance what your wishes are should you become terminally ill. While we always encourage patients to have advanced directives, it is perhaps especially important now during the COVID-19 pandemic, because the illness often has a sudden onset with little warning as to how severely it may affect a person.

Although discussions and decisions about end-of-life healthcare services are difficult, having advance directives in place and discussing your expectations with your family and physician, eases the burden placed on your family should you become gravely ill. Advance directives also help ensure that your choices for end-of-life care are clear. 

These documents can be readily available to you through your attorney or even online.  After completing the documents, you will need to sign them in in the presence of two witnesses, provide a copy to your health care provider, keep a copy in a safe place and give a copy to a family member. In the event you are hospitalized, please bring a copy with you or have a family member bring it. If at any time, your end-of-life decisions regarding your healthcare should change, you can easily make changes to the document.

At Jackson Hospital, our number one priority remains your health and well-being, and our mission is to provide outstanding care and service to our community.  Yet, we also know that terminal illnesses can happen unexpectedly, and we urge you to be prepared for the unthinkable and encourage you to have an advance directive plan. 

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