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Jackson Hospital is a 100-bed community healthcare system committed to quality, service and growth.  The hospital is located in pristine Northwest Florida where the opportunity to make a difference still exists.  Our physical address is 4250 Hospital Drive, Marianna, FL, our phone number is (850) 526-2200.

The Hospital’s 425 care professionals complement the 30+ Active Medical staff who live and practice in Marianna.  Together, the physicians and staff combine clinical expertise with the latest medical and information technologies to provide exceptional care to every patient, every day.

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Jackson Hospital Partners with Men's Health Network to Heighten Awareness of Men's Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month and Jackson Hospital is proud to increase awareness or problems that could be prevented and encourage early detection and treatment of men’s diseases. This month gives Jackson Hospital an opportunity to encourage men to seek medical treatment for health maintenance Read More »

Jackson Hospital Takes Careful Measures to Prevent Patient Falls

Jackson Hospital’s Fall Prevention Program’s number one goal is patient safety. Jackson Hospital Risk Management Director, Ronni Bowen says, “Any patient in the hospital is more at risk of falling because they are out of their own environment. Some patients are given medication that can make walking more challenging. Our prevention program is intended to carefully observe fall-risk patients. Jackson Hospital has a fall rate of 4 per 1000 patient days, which is 22% better than the national mid-range provided by the Center of Medicaid and Medicare Services. Furthermore, none of our falls resulted in major injury.” Read More »

Jackson Hospital Contracts with Numerous Insurance Companies

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